Thursday, 5 September 2013

Kit of the Month

Sorry this is a few days late!

Kit of the month for September is the Fuchsia.

There are two colours to choose from red/purple or pink/cerise. To finish this kit you will need paint and an old toothbrush!!

Just quote SEP13 on any order and you can have the kit for £2.30 instead of the usual £4.60

I'll be back next month with another kit and another giveaway........see you then.

I wasn't going to say anything, but a comment left on facebook  after the last giveaway has really upset me and I've decided that it's better to have my say than let it nag away at me.
Believe it or not the winner of the last giveaway was the same person who won the giveaway of the potting bench last year.
I didn't realise until I messaged her on facebook and saw her previous say I was amazed was an understatement....what were the chances of that happening?
But her name was drawn fairly and squarely, so I wasn't going to change the winner.

Then the comment on Facebook......saying in effect could this be possible? was it really chance?

I'm just wondering what possible advantage it could be to me to have the same winner? If I knew Sabrina (the winner) I could have just sent her a Wisteria kit as a gift. To say that I am really affronted that someone has called into question my honesty and sense of fair play is an understatement!

I replied privately to the commenter on face book, and as far as I'm concerned this is the end of it.

Okay rant over........I feel better now....thanks for listening.


Hannah said...

Even if you would have chosen the same winner again, it was your competition and you can do what ever you please! But I'm shore it was a funny coincidence =)
But I can see how you get sad by a comment like that! Hope you don't think about it any more =)

BLANCHE said...

Buonasera, Georgie.
Blanche è il "nom de plume" della stessa persona che le ha scritto su Facebook, che ha partecipato al giveaway, che la segue sia sul blog che su Facebook, sia con il suo vero nome e sia con i suoi due blog.
Non sono ancora una sua cliente, ma vorrei esserlo, per cui spero, davvero, che non mi vuole chiudere la porta in faccia.
Io, comunque, ho una faccia e mi prendo la responsabilità delle mie parole.
Vedo tanti che offendono davvero e che si nascondono dietro un commento anonimo!
Chi mi conosce e conosce entrambi i miei blog, sanno che sono una persona estremamente corretta e che misura molto spesso, anche troppo spesso, ogni singola parola!
Sapevo di sollevare un polverone con il mio commento, ma la realtà che vedo in giro è proprio quella.
Molto spesso sono falsi giveaway, che favoriscono le solite persone o i blog che possono garantire più pubblicità!
Mi sbaglio, forse? Sono l'unica a pensarlo? Sono l'unica a vederlo?
E' vero che ognuno è libero di disporre del suo giveaway, ma è vero pure che può offrire direttamente l'oggetto a chi ha già pensato di darlo, senza farci perdere tempo a tutti quanti.
Carissima Georgie, mi dispiace un pochino di aver preso di mira la sua pagina per lamentarmi.
In realtà, i problemi della vita sono altri, altro che giveaway!!!
Per cui dico "stop" a questa mia lettera!
A Sabrina di "Sognatriceabordo", che non conosco personalmente, faccio i miei doppi-complimenti!

Fiber said...

Don't let that comment bother you. You're right - who would stage a giveaway just to give it to a pre-determined person?

I'm only jealous she's so lucky!! =)

Georgie Steeds said...

Thank you for your kind comments, we have kissed and made up!! Blanche I love your blog and have just started following you on bloglovin xx

BLANCHE said...

Thank you, Georgie, for the compliment and for being now a follower of my blog. Was born from a misunderstanding something good! Mine, personally, is not a matter of envy. I'm not jealous that Sabrina has won twice or more often win a giveaway. I also won a giveaway a few days ago and by sheer luck.

Margaret said...

What a great kit I think I must have one. And as for the chances of drawing the same person twice, I think it is just one of those things that happen. I just sent a purchase to a buyer in the US and thought I remembered the address - I had sent an item to someone else in the same street just the week before, ooooh. And the winner of my last draw, when I looked at her blog found she had recently won another blog prize, so some people are just lucky!

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Queer coincidences are just that, queer coincidences. Something similar happened to me with a couple of give aways I had on my blog and as Margaret says, some people just seem to be lucky. It takes a while to feel ok about unhappy comments but being able to explain helps. You have a happy day!

carmen said...


Hakaheitto said...

Whoa, so beautiful Fuchsia! All of your kits are amazing!

cockerina said...

what great good fortune, win twice your prize, after a year .... haha!
patience, we will try the next one. a kiss from Italy :)

Kikka N said...

Wow, your Fuchsia is stunning!
Big Hugs

flowers on my table said...

Hello Georgie, I don't know why I didn't know you had another blog, and another life! All these teeny tiny little flowers, how amazing! Are they for dolls houses?

Don't worry about the comment on facebook, coincidences happen! Wishing you well at your show, Linda x

My Journey To Celebrating Life said...

Hi Georgie, Just found your blog. I have a draw ending tomorrow and I am always excited to see who will win AGAIN! Two people have won twice and one person may have won three times. Some people are just really lucky! I have a friend that wins all the time, but I never win. I am happpy that everything turned out for the good. Your flowers are so beautiful. I am going to enter future give aways. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Felma

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