Friday, 19 November 2010

The New Studio/Workshop. Part 6

Almost there!
I've been plastered, painted and plumbed, yesterday the floor was laid.
Also yesterday a great deal of money was spent in Ikea, and what you see as a bare room, is now home to a lot of boxes.


The bigger pieces of furniture, two bookcases, a 2 metre long table and two paper storage units have been ordered online and are being delivered on the 3rd of December.
So you will have to wait till the week after that to see the finished result.
Now I've got lots of  furniture to build, I love making up flat pack furniture...............most people think I'm odd!!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Kit of the Month

November, the month of Armistice Day, the Day of Remembrance. In England symbolised by wearing a poppy on your lapel.
So the kit of the month is 10 Poppies, and if you quote NOV10 when ordering you get a free Cornflower kit.
Photograph by Liz Eddison.