Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kit of the Month

Hello everyone! Not sure what happened to went by in a flash before I managed to sort out kit of the month!

So here we are in March with a new kit of the month and a new idea.........Susanne Lind from Denmark wrote to me and asked if it would be possible to save on postage by sending out Kit of the Month every 3 months? (thank you for the idea Susanne)!

So this is how it will work:

When you order your Kit of the Month tell me you want to join the 3 month club.

I will then send you a paypal money request for the kit without postage.....which you pay.
Your name will go on the 3month club list with the kit you have ordered.
The same will happen the next month.......paypal money request for that month's kit with no postage.....which you pay.
On the third month I will send you a paypal money request for that month's kit plus postage....which you pay, if you want to add any normal priced kits at this point you may do so.
I'll then send you your kits and you only pay one lot of postage.

Just to remind you of my postage rates:

UK   £1.50
Europe £2.00
Rest of the World £3.00

If you want to add pots or sundries to your order add another £1.50 to all these rates.

Hope this hasn't confused you......if you want to order kit of the month as normal that's fine too.

So here we have March Kit of the month.......Aquilegia.

You have a choice of colour, either pink/cream or lilac/yellow. The normal price is £6.30 quote MAR13 on any order and pay £3.25.

I don't know if many of you know I have another blog which is mainly my photos of real flowers, which you may find useful when making miniature ones, please come and visit!