Monday 5 December 2011

Kensington Dollshouse Festival

I had a wonderful day on Saturday, we were steadily busy all day and I only sat down for the length of time it took to eat a sandwich. To say I was tired by the time I reached home at 8.00pm is an understatement!!
I decided not to take my big heavy wooden stand, my back has not been behaving itself lately so I thought I wouldn't tempt fate, so I built a display from the white storage boxes that are used in my workroom. Thank you Ikea!!
Having used them once, I so like the ease of transporting them that with some modifications.....flat panels of card to stand everything on......I think I'll use them again in May.
So here are a couple of photos of my stand at the show.......sorry about the quality, I had to use the flash on my little point and shoot camera......never a good idea.

It was so lovely to see lots of familiar faces, I hope you are planning to come to London in May, I'm brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm.......must start making things very soon.
The flower arrangers table you can see in the picture was made by my very talented sister Liz from my flower kits. Liz helps me at Miniatura and Kensington, I couldn't do it without her.....Thanks Liz xxx

Thursday 1 December 2011

Kit of the Month

I've chosen Echeveria to be kit of the month. Quote DEC11 on any order and during December the 1/12th kit will cost £1.75 instead of £3.50 and the 1/24th kit will cost £1.60 instead of £3.20 I'll include a small packet of grit to dress the tops of the pots in both scales.

This is a super easy kit which contains 6 plants, you can see how sweet they look in individual pots and grouped in a larger pot.

This picture is the 1/24th scale kit, there are 6 plants in each kit.