The Basics

The Basics

When I meet people at shows and they ask me what they need to make the kits, this is what I say..................These are the 3 basic must haves for making my flower kits.

Tweezers, an Eraser and Tacky Glue.

Tweezers with the finest points. These become your fingers so don't worry about how small the petals are! They can also be used for creasing leaves and petals.

A large eraser, tip out your petals and leaves onto its surface.
Separate by stroking with the flat tips of the tweezers, you will soon get to know the feel of more than one leaf or petal stuck together.

Crease and cup on the surface, it has just the right amount of "squidge". It is also much easier to pick up the petals from its softer surface.

Tacky Glue.
Always use tacky glue, it doesn't matter what make, I sell these little bottles that are useful for a workbox. Squeeze a small puddle of glue onto a suitable flat surface, and always take your petal or leaf to the glue and dip.

Remember, less is more! It is always possible to re-glue, but too much glue looks horrid and you will get into a sticky mess. Always clean any glue off the tips of the tweezers regularly.

More tips to follow soon.