Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The New Studio/Workshop. Part Two and Three.

The first week of building began with putting in new floor joists to bring the floor level up to match the house. Eventually there will be an internal doorway through into the hall.
The outside wall of the garage had a framework of timber to hold the insulation, with 140mm or 5 1/2" of insulation on the floor wall and ceiling I should be as snug as a bug in a rug!

Foundations were dug for the steps front and back and an enormous purple skip arrived to take the rubble.

Met the plumber and decided on vertical radiators as I need as much wall space as possible for storage. I also had to decide where I wanted lighting and electrical sockets, so I went with you can never have too many approach...........I'm having lots!
Week two started with the installation of two Velux windows in the roof, and the raising of the big steel lintel over the back door and window to allow for new double doors. 

The loft space was boarded out and the electician has run all the wires in for the lighting and sockets, and the plumber has laid all his pipework for the new radiators. There will eventually be a pull down door and ladder so that I can easily access the loft space, more storage.........hurrah!
The new doors for the back arrived and were primed, this is Graham the builder painting the doors.

The garage door was removed prior to building the front steps, so for the weekend we were swathed in blue plastic front and back to keep out the weather.

Where on earth did all that stuff in the skip come from?

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miniaturista said...

Que ilusines habrás sentido con la obra de tu taller, que por cierto te ha quedado precioso.
Un abrazo