Monday, 25 October 2010

The New Studio/Workshop. Part Four and Five.

Week three began with steps being built front and back, and the double doors fitted at the back. Don't they look great? Just the slabs on top of the steps and railings each side will finish it off.

I didn't get any inbetween pictures of the steps being built and the lintel being raised, to be quite honest it was so noisy, hammers, drills and angle grinders that I fled to Windsor for they day!
So this is the front with its new steps and the finished opening waiting for the doors.

Did I explain that this is the only access to the back garden? so there have to be doors front and back, and for that reason I will be having some sort of Vinyl flooring so that it is easy to clean.
The inside doesn't look that much different, but the wall, floor and ceiling have all had their insulation fitted, and have you noticed, the skip has shrunk!

Week four, new doors at the front! I'm hoping it is not too obvious they are doors, and look more like three long windows, there will be no handles on the outside.

And even more exciting news, a new doorway into the hall, now it really feels part of the house.

It is so lovely and light, and with the plasterboard on the walls and ceiling it feels much bigger.

The plasterer is coming on Wednesday so that is another milestone reached, now you are up to date, anything I share from now is in "real" time.
But the part that I am really going to enjoy, the painting, flooring and furniture is still a way to go, but I'm planning and changing my mind and planning again!
I'll keep you posted.

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australian essays said...

Can't wait to see final shape of the new studio. I have not doubt that if will be amazing, keep us updated with the proceedings.