Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The New Studio/Workshop. Part One

At the end of the very first post on this blog, I mentioned that the builders were here converting the garage into a new studio/workshop space.
I thought I would share the experience, so this is the beginning.

The front of the garage.

The rear of the garage, the door opens onto a small courtyard.

Before you can have a garage converted into a room, you have to clear it of all the stuff that doesn't fit in the rest of the house. This garage has never had a car in it from the day it was built 20 or so years ago. It has just been a really useful storage space for among other things,

the Christmas tree and lights, pieces of furniture, paint, decorating paraphenalia, ladders, exhibition bags, trolley and stools, unfinished dolls houses, etc.

etc, etc, etc. So where does all this stuff go? A lot went into a skip.

The rest was shoehorned into two small sheds.

Hopefully some of these things will go into the new loft space in the garage, then I'll be able to get the mower out and cut the grass!
Part two to follow soon.

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ShinyNewThing said...

I hope none of the dollshouses went in the skip!